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Samantha Parker
Samantha’s new to the industry. Even though she hasn’t filmed many scenes, she says shes down for whatever. I was a little skeptical that this newbie could get on my level, but I was quickly impressed. Watch her start out playin with herself, then get facefucked, fucked in the pussy and then fucked in the ass in multiple positions. She says she likes it rough, so I slap her around a little bit. Of course I also had to have her lick my hairy asshole. Enjoy!

Teedra Diora
Check this out. So I return to my hotel room and I walk in on this chick masturbating in my bed! I guess the door didnt lock behind me when I left. So she saw the open door and the unused room, and let herself in! I was about to call security when she said there must be some way she could talk me out of it. She said her boyfriend wouldn’t come back to their room and would rather gamble. Well I cant just leave a damsel in distress, so I had to help her out! Blowjobs, titty fucking, pussy fucking and swallowing cum ensues. Good times.

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